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If you have wet air inside your buildings, you don't need to buy an expensive industrial dehumidification! Rent a dehumidification!


Floods and pipe leaks are two common ones why water can build up in the walls. During a soak or pipe break, if the walls are not dried in time, there can be serious problems later on: mold soon appears in the corners, the wooden elements of the cabinets suck themselves with water, and the doors begin to warp. If moisture builds up inside the walls, this can lead to black mould and fungi and even lead to the weakening of the structure. It is a good news that there is a number of different ways how you can dry out walls and stop the wetness problem. First to do: find and fix all water leaks near your walls. Do you have wet walls? If you have a burst or leaking pipe or any other causes of moisture in your walls, they have to be fixed first! If you have a major leak, you have to strip out and replace the entire pipe or fixture.

Highly recommended applications are wall drying due to pipe breakage and soaking. The high performance of an industrial catchment and wall dryer allows fast drying of wet walls and wet substrates, thanks to its mobility it can be used anywhere. In the case of a larger garage or cellar, fast results can be achieved by using several machines at the same time. Do you have insurance? If so, we have good news! Insurance companies will reimburse the cost of renting dehumidifiers, as it is also in their interest to prevent further damages as soon as possible. Examples for the using of the industrial portable dehumidifiers:

Using of some industrial portable dehumidifiers inside this warehouse
The dehumidifiers are working in the backgrounds
More machines, more drying capacity

The natural drying of water damage in a property (pipe breakage, soaking, flooding, groundwater, stormy rain) is a very long process. In this case, it may take up to 3-4 months to dry out, in extreme rainy weather conditions up to 5-6 months! Wet parquet, soaked furniture and slow drying of the wet wall lead to mold.You can also work near the machines
The dehumidifiers can work non-stop
Drying after a renovations
Industrial drying with portable dehumidifiers


The question is legitimate. An average family doesn’t need a constant dehumidifier unless they live in extra conditions: they rarely ventilate, they live in a poorly insulated basement, there is no ventilation in the bathroom ... Before you buy an expensive dehumidifier, try using RENTABLE MACHINES to really solve it. is that your problem? This way you can prevent unnecessary purchases! We also deliver the machines to you, you don't even have to move out of your apartment!


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